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Are you a tired Landlord in Oregon ?

If your a landlord in Oregon right now during COVID 19, you know they have halted foreclosures and evictions and actually told people to not pay rent!

I can understand that, as people can’t work as almost everything is closed or has been put on pause…. Anyways, if your tired of the drama, the repairs, tired of the tenants well maybe we can work out a solution that can meet your needs? Have you ever considered changing your position as a Landlord to a Private Lender? Well if you want to learn how we can make that happen, just call or full out the form.

Often, we take over mortgage payments and even have people that are able and ready to buy a property, we can even take over any repairs and anything overdue that needs done.

Give us a call if your ready to have the tax benefits without all the hassles of the rental 541-500-0158.

Thanks, Brian

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