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Partnering with Us

Are you looking to level uP your game?

Were always looking for Partners…

How does that look? 


Partner A – 

Comes to us and says I have good credit and some cash to invest and or  I want you to help me find good investments that cash flow and have equity… Awesome, we can do that… generally we pay around 6% Interest and sometimes more depending on the deal and typically you get paid when we get paid, so when the house sells you get paid if were keeping the house for cash flowing the house, well then you typically get paid 4x per year… every quarter. 

Want to learn more? ….  just Contact us here and tell us your want to be a ” A Partner” and will send you the details. 

Partner B – 

Comes to us and says I want to partner, but don’t have any funds and my credit sucks, but I want to learn and assist the team? Thats great, we need Go-getters  that are willing to take action and that want to learn and help us with our many tasks, theres lots to do and best of all… we pay really fairly! .… just Contact us here and tell us you want to be a “B Partner” and team up with us.  



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