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Are you wanting to Sell your Grants Pass/Medford Oregon House?

You might want to consider selling sooner than later because in our current COVID situation were in, Sellers are having to realize 15% price reductions from just a few weeks ago to get their home sold. Lenders are already tightening their lending guidelines and our buyers pool is shrinking quick. It is pretty useless to try and predict the bottom of the market. Because despite what pundits and bloggers and finance gurus might tell you, no one—myself included—knows what’s coming.

I remember back in 2013 when everyone was scared of a double-dip recession. And there’s a ton of talk about the economy tanking again. But that double dip really didn’t happen. It could have, or it couldn’t have.

The world economy is just far too complex and far too interconnected to predict exactly what’s going to happen.Now, yes, we can spot trends and patterns and cycles—but stuff happens. Viruses happen. Wars happen. Natural disasters happen.

However, here at REI, we still have buyers that are still able and willing to buy homes in Grants Pass and Medford Oregon. Just give us a call if your wanting to sell your house, we have 7 ways we can help you out with a solution. 541-200-0617 or just fill out the contact form above.

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